Interbike 2011: New Cranks, Wheels, Pedals from e13 and TheHive


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Jun 26, 2009

Since theHive took over e*thirteen the company has been vastly expanding its line of cranks, hubs, and now wheels. Have a look inside at the full line of goods from this component powerhouse.

The LG1 R is a race-specific DH crank with an aluminum spindle, now weighing 820 grams including the BB.

The LG1 R will be a bit more expensive at $309 MSRP, compared to $189 for the 915 gram LG1.

The LG1+ system with the all-new e13 pedals. They have a spin-control adjustment to have the exact rate of spin that you desire. Two models for 2012, the LG1 R with Ti spindle/pins (390 grams) and the LG1+ with steel gear (468 grams).

Lengths for the LG1 will be 175, 170 and 165mm.

Gold rings!

New wheels from these cats; the e13 wheels have scandium rims, DT spokes and the new e13 hubs. 2070 grams for the set.

These are the LG1 hubs, which weigh 215 grams up front and 385 for the rear. As you can tell, the hubs are oversized and ready for abuse. Interestingly enough, e13 has decided to go carbon with the center tubes!

Scandium rims.

More refined cranks.

Also by theHive is Chub hubs.