Interbike 2011: Norco's 2012 Bikes


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Jun 26, 2009

Norco has undergone a bit of a revolution for this year, particularly on the gravity end of the spectrum. Inside you'l find photos and spec on a bunch of new bikes, including the Sight, Aurum, and Truax models.

The Range has been around for a couple of years, but is a great trail bike that hits the 160mm travel market. A little bigger than the Sight, but without the new features.

The Truax is Norco's new 7 and 7 bike, prepared to tackle the ups and downs at a lean 33 pounds. With a lighter build, it wouldn't be out of the question to get it below 30...

Bottom bracket height at 355mm on the Truax.

Norco's new ART system places the rear pivot on the FSR system lower to the ground, changing the wheel path to be more compliant with square edge hits.

We took a look at the Aurum 1 at Crankworx and were very impressed with it. Here sits the Aurum LE, the top of line DH sled for next year. At under 35 pounds stock, it is an awesome build for competitive DH.

ART suspension and Syntace axle system.

Gravity Tune is new for Norco this year; it means the bottom bracket is specifically forged to allow the bike to be different lengths depending on the size.

Using a seat-clamp that doesn't sit directly on the seat tube is nice because it eliminates the need for a split at the top of the seat-tube.

The Aurum LE will come stock with a Cane Creek Double Barrel.

Bolts on the Aurum only require one Allen key to tighten.

Integrated fork bumpers!

The Sight will come in 6 models, with two women's specific ones.

The Sight is also using the Hollo form link.

The Revolver is a 29" XC race bike ready for anything right out of the box.

Tapered head tubes were on most of Norco's bikes at the show.

Truax in the back, Sight in the front./I]

The Storm is a 29" hardtail with a full Carbon frame

The Team SLE Carbon Hardtail, weighing a svelte 21 lbs.

Tapered head tube on the 29" version, but not the 26" because of the decrease in force on the headtube with smaller wheels.

Norco has a bunch more bikes coming out this year, and a ton of models of each, so be sure to check out their website for all the details.