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    Jun 26, 2009

    Royal Racing always comes up with a good crop of race kits, jerseys, and gloves. Here is the 2012 gear from those cats.

    Royal went fairly abstract with their race gear this year, but it looks like they pulled off the colour schemes and the fit and function are dialled as always.

    The Race pant...

    The more freeride oriented Matrix shorts go a little simpler on the styling and get pockets. Major plus when the ride lasts longer than 4 minutes.

    Mannequin's got swagger.

    MW365 bamboo jersey. Bamboo, polyester and pockets!

    And it'll zip down when things get heated.

    The Turbulence shorts are designed for freeriding: tough and comfortable. A nice bit of bagginess and adjustability at the waist is always nice come Thanksgiving.

    Royal's big mountain shredder Garett Beuhler has been rocking these shorts all year while filming for Stund Season 3.

    The Crown glove keeps it simple, but has silicone fingertips and pull tabs to make 'em easy to put on.

    Gloves are one of Royal's many specialties and come in pretty much all colors this year.

    Royal has an absolutely huge selection of gear coming out this year, so if you missed it here, they probably still have it. Keep your eyes on their website in the near future for all the 2012 gear.


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