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    Jun 26, 2009

    One of our personal favourites in the way of eyewear is always Smith Optics. They've got classic and functional shades, comfy hoodies and sweet goggles. Check out what Smith's bringing to the table next year.

    When it comes to goggles, Smith keeps it simple. The Fuel V2 is the classic MTB goggle that comes in a bevy of designs.

    Thick foam means the gogs stay comfy and in place for the entire ride.

    Aaron Gwin used these goggles all season en route to winning the World Cup overall...just sayin.

    Smith trucker hat; Steve Peat's been wearing this one all year while sitting in and around the hot seat at the bottom of the World Cups.

    The Commodore hoody in charcoal heather.

    The Gibson. Aviator style with thicker frames and a few different colours make this a lock.

    Polarized lenses give you that added advantage when glare is involved.

    The new Pivlock glasses get a bit of a different style from last year's, and are even faster to swap the lenses/frames.

    Interchangeable wings, lenses and frames are available for the Pivlock range.

    We never really thought about it before we saw the team video at their Interbike booth, but Smith has an absolutely unreal MTB team. Cam and Tyler McCaul, FMB overall champ and slope style king Brandon Semenuk, legend Steve Peat, Aaron Gwin, Greg Watts, Mike Hopkins, Curtis Robinson and Dylan Dunkerton of the Coastal Crew, Graham Agassiz, Brendan Fairclough, the list goes on. Quietly getting it done. If you want to check out all of Smith's line head on over to their website!


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    Dec 14, 2003
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    i love smith! ive been rocking their sunglasses for 3 years now. ive had the spoiler vagabond and now i have the mogul. such good glass and they are very high quality. plus you cant beat the lifetime warranty