Interbike Day One: 5.10 Shoes


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Jun 26, 2009

5.10 continues their assault on the mountain bike world with their Minaar, Hellcat, Freerider, and Baron shoes. There are more shoes, as the company is rapidly expanding; read on for the bet from the shoe company of the hour!

The Minaar's are ready to go, you can order them this instant if you so desire.

SPD equipped shoes that can still handle the load of riding unclipped, perhaps the ultimate DH shoe!

The Hellcat mimics the Minaar, but lacks the name, the flashy colors and the endorsement of one of the world's best.

There they are, SPD and cheaper; make the choice between the Minaar and these based in what is good for you.

The Baron is their low-key offering for the hardcore DHer.

The Baron also features smaller portions of the Stealth rubber, little dots equals lots of grip.

The new Freeriders are the same as last year's for the most part, but are now in purple, white, gray and a few other sweet-as colors...

The Spitfire still features the Stealth rubber, but moves towards a more chill-style shoe

The Dirtbag is the casual and skate-style offering of shoe that fits well not only with the couch surfer, but also with the street rider, dirt jumper or just anyone who likes to be comfortable.

The bottom equates to the same as the grip and feel as the Baron but in a softer, more casual package.