Interbike Kicks Off: Life Cycles World Premier


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Jun 26, 2009

The most anticipated mountain bike film of the past few years, if not ever, premiered to a stunned and in time excited crowd last night. Here are some photos and words that describe the night from our perspective...

Words and Photos by David Peacock

The tradeshow is here, and as we all shake off the leftovers of last night’s premier, we can only look back and marvel on what was genuinely a beautiful film. Derek Frankowski and Ryan Gibb have spent years crafting each piece of the film into a finely hewn constituent of something larger. Dedicating years of your life to something is an undertaking that should be regaled and appreciated, because there are few people in this world who are able to see something like that through.

With the most footage of any rider, Mike Hopkins is the proverbial star of the show.

Exchanging hi-5s with Assistant Creator Andre Nutini.

And Andre and Hopkins share a slap.

Last night was all about finally being able to show off the product to the public. We wait with bated breath for the release of the newest gear, of which there will be plenty, and we toil over small details of our bikes, so to have a film that parallels this, a film that I’ve anticipated for years and a film that expresses what it means to ride your bike at any level is unique. The theatre was packed, and everyone inside the Pearl Concert Hall at the Palms was sweaty-palmed and even slightly anxious beforehand. Once filed in, script writer Mitchell Scott took to the stage for some introduction to the boys who created Life Cycles, and following this Derek himself made an on stage appearance to lovingly thank his family for their support. Mitchell then retook the stage, cracking jokes and getting the movie properly introduced, and after an impressively fitting analogy from the Bike Mag writer, the movie was playing.

Oddly enough, the filmmakers booth was the loudest place in the theater...everyone else was too stunned.

Script writer Mitchell Scott basking in the glow of the film.

The crowd files out of the rows frantically discussing what just happened.

The first sections were full of cheers and hurrahs, the crowd was loving every second of it; however, after the first section of riding, everyone seemed to settle down, totally transfixed by the images on screen and there was no more clapping. The excitement and energy within the walls of the Palms was palpable, but the spectators had all become absorbed by the film. One after the other, the sections rolled by, as Hopkins, Semenuk, McCaul, Schwartz, McIntosh, Hunter, Agassiz and eventually Vanderham’s stunning night section all graced the largest screen I have ever seen. It was an amazing way to experience an amazing movie, and I guarantee you will enjoy it. You can pick up the film directly from the filmmakers at Life Cycles Film, and it will be distributed in stores near you in late October by VAS Entertainment.

Outside the showing, the filmmakers gather for a moment before the chaos begins.

Evan Schwartz approves of the film!

Derek Frankowski and graphics guru Scotty Carlson share a stretch limo laugh.

LC has arrived; make sure you check out the film when the tour rolls by your town. Full details on the tour will be available soon, and if you feel compelled to host one yourself (preferably in conjunction with your local theater), contact Alynn Smith. Thanks to VAS and Rebecca for showing us a good time at the premier, and here’s to Life Cycles, a new type of mountain bike film.




King of Beers
Jun 2, 2009
I gotta say, this was one of the most visually stunning sports videos I've ever seen. I felt more like I was taking in a piece of art, than watching a bike film.

Hats off to the Life Cycles crew - this is a movie not to be missed.