Interesting view of the N.O. fiasco from a cop

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    Disclaimer: this is an email i received from a police buddy of mine. i have not verified it with snopes.com or anything else, for all i know it is legit and sounds like something a hardened cop would say.


    Subject: Louisiana Sherriff Deputy's Letter

    Name understandably not included for fear of his job and life.
    Date: Tue, 06 Sep 2005 15:34:17 -0400

    I am a Sheriff's Deputy who is part of Homeland Security and Emergency
    Preparedness in the New Orleans MSA.

    Mayor Nagin has been speaking furiously about the lack of everything
    from the State and Federal Government.

    Here is some info:

    1. There are two States here. Louisiana and the City of New
    Orleans/Orleans Parish. Always has been and always will be. When a State
    Law passes, Law Makers ALWAYS write whether Orleans Parish will allow the
    Law or not.

    2. When the MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) meets for Disaster
    Planning and Equipment Purchases (6 times a year for the last 15 years), we
    all agree how we will spend the Federal Money as a team since we are in
    this together. Orleans DEMANDS they will choose how they will spend their

    3. During Communication Infrastructure Planning we ALL (N.O. MSA)
    purchased Satellite Phones. We all pay several hundred dollars a month as a
    "Just In Case Measure". Orleans said their Infrastructure was TOP NOTCH and
    the money would be better spent on Ford F-150 Pickup Trucks. I dunno what
    they bought, but it wasn't sat phones.

    4. The looting, Rape (Newly Wedded European Woman who was raped and
    beaten as well as MANY others), etc. That is life in New Orleans. Why
    people find New Orleans a romantic, cherishable place is beyond 90% of all
    Louisianians. It is Hot, it Stinks, None of us even go into New Orleans
    without a sidearm and we prefer to leave our women at home. Rape's, thefts,
    and murder in New Orleans are as common as a High Speed pursuit in

    5. When we enter New Orleans to issue an arrest warrant, the SCAT
    (Street Crime Arrest Team) is ALWAYS present. Me and/or other officers have
    been part of 18 arrests in New Orleans and been shot at 17 times. 11 of
    those were with AK-47's and 3 of those 11 had two 40-round clips taped

    6. Even before Mayor Naggin took office the Fed's and State were never
    allowed to do anything to improve New Orleans. New Orleans ALWAYS wanted
    the cash to do their own improvements, their way.

    7. There was no way in Hell the State was gonna make a move until New
    Orleans asked for help. There was No way in Hell the Fed's were gonna make
    a move until the Governor asked for help. That is Law.

    8. The people looting and shooting have it better than ever. Those areas
    are known for people living in crappy homes without electricity. Now they
    have some flood water in their home. They stole guns, ammo and food. They
    have never had it so good and don't want to leave.

    9. The people whining the loudest about racisim are the same people who
    always whined about racisim.

    10. Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard declared martial law
    Monday Night. Mayor Ray Naggin didn't want to alienate any refugees and
    allowed all this to happen. We sent officers in to help. As a report of an
    officer being shot and supplies and boat stolen we BEGGED Mayor Naggin to
    pass Martial Law. NOPE!!! After 2 days, Our department left New
    Orleans to die, then Mayor Naggin decided to declare Martial Law.

    In our own Parish, we have arrested several refugees. We have recovered
    stolen Corvettes, Escalades, Mercedes Benz, BMW's, etc. A young black
    female ran over one of our officers. She was driving a Nissan with a VIN
    from an Oldsmobile 88 and a Plate from Alabama registered to a Ford Van. An
    elderly white man died because our Hospital was unable to fill his Oxygen
    Bottle. Refugees have stolen an EMS Generator at the Mobile Command Center.
    Refugees have stolen an Entergy Truck trying to restore power. Most
    Parishes are out of gas at all stations and most of us cannot drive to
    work. All gas stations have a 15-20 minute wait for gas. Some stations are
    selling only 2 gallons per customer. One station raised prices to $5.64 a
    gallon. The owner refused to lower prices, we promptly hooked him in the
    cuffs and dumped him in jail. There is tons more.

    Mayor Nagin had years and so did his predessessor's to prepare, but they
    refused and they refused everyone elses help. Now he is bitching because no
    one is coming and everything is falling apart.

    The media is asking why was the State and Fed's not prepared, New
    Orleans NEVER allowed us to hold drills. All other Parishes and Baton Rouge
    have drills just for this. The media is asking why no help is coming for
    the dead. They're Dead. We are only worried about the living. We are tying
    the dead to a tree or pushing them aside in an attempt to save the living.

    I say, if you want out, we'll get you out. You wanna stay, then stay. I
    think we should let New Orleans die and REBUILD the National Infrastructure
    somewhere other than a damn Bowl.

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    Definitely interesting account. I'm sure there's a lot of truth in it, and I'm sure it's the truth as seen from that fella's POV.

    Interesting for me, is that (for the most part) the same people that carry on and on about limiting federal power, and state/local rights seem to be the same people now trying their hardest to point the finger at local government. The fact is, there were breakdowns at all levels, and the Federal government (FEMA in this case) NEEDED to step in and take everything over.

    I also disagree with him that the decision making heirarchy was Local/State/Fed by law. NO can try to shut out the state and feds, and it probably never seemed worth the trouble to carry that up the chain and fight it for things like drills and other pre-emergency efforts, but when it came down to the emergency, the state and then the feds absolutely could have taken over the situation. They didn't because they were worried about political fallout. That is why politicians suck.
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    Fascinating is how someone can work in State Homeland Security in New Orleans and not know how to spell Nagin's name.
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    For No. 4, it is funny the writer commented about the heat and the odor. New Orleans is no hotter than any other part of the state, and considering the refineries around the state, no stinkier in my opinion.

    As for the crime, there is a perception of violence, which I won't deny. I have a hundred true stories, like one which a man was returning to his home in Algiers on Fat Tuesday, and was beaten by 10-15 youths, which they actually dragged him into their yard and continue beating him.

    I did know someone who was part the "Jump-Out Squad", which he and his other officers would pull up on drug dealers and jump out their vehicles in a surprise move. Maybe he was reticent to mention any gunfire, but it sounded like he and his crew had these situations well in hand.

    I cannot speak about how money is handled. My only comment is that Orleans Parish is much larger than any other parish, so if they chose to handle the money in their own fashion, it is understandable.
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    Nope, it makes perfect sense. It's a way of transferring responsibility for the screw ups. Just like Iraq and Afghanistan, which are shining democratic states, when stuff really starts to screw up, we can throw up our hands and say, "It's the Iraqis/Afghanis/State's fault!"

    The whole state/local rights thing is a smokescreen, much like the activist judges tirade. Look how important state's rights are when Oregon passes an assisted suicide bill, for example.