internal headset not the same as integrated headset, right?


Jan 5, 2011
the title sais about everything,
I'm just having a discussion with an onlineshop, because they said the headset I bougth was internal, but it was integrated. When I said that it's the wrong kind of headset, they just answered, that internal and integrated ist the same.
I always thought internal means semi-integrated (or zero stack).
I would like to know who is wrong, me or them!
Thanks guys!

binary visions

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Jun 13, 2002
An internal headset is like Zero-Stack, where there are still bearing cups, but instead of the skirt pressing into the frame and the bearing cups sitting outside the headtube, the headtube is larger and the bearing cups themselves get pressed into the frame. If the cups get damaged somehow, you just yank 'em out and install new ones.

An integrated headset is one where the headtube is machined so the bearings actually press directly into the frame with no cups. In that case, you can only replace the bearings since there are no cups.

They are definitely not the same thing.

CK has a good picture: