Iron Horse Yakuza Bakuto (just got one!)


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
so i just picked up a new one of these.

supergo was selling them way to cheap to pass up. at $619, i could not pass on it. i am 6'1" and 185, so I had them build up a 17" and it fit like a glove. it is just a hair on the small side for long pedaling trips and uphill climbs (and also a bit chunky) but that was expected. with the seat dropped down, it is low enough to jib around on the city streets and bomb down hills. i have not had a chance to put it through too much abuse, but the frame and the components feel good and solid.

biggest dissapointment - the fork. the splice feels good, and the air assist allowed me to get the spring rate right without buying a new coil. however, i am concerned about the fork's ability to take much abuse. right now i am looking at other options. the pike is at the top of the list, but i have not made up my mind.

biggest surprise (the good kind) - the brakes. the hayes mechanicals work very nice. i like them better than the hydros. we will see how that impressions stands the test of time as cable stretch and other gremlins sneak in.

mixed blessing - the tires. the maxxis grip like mad and feel great on the trail. however the thin sidewall was ripped apart by rocks on the first trail ride. they sliced the back one like a razor. the solution - i put a 24" wheel with a 2.6 gazza on it :thumb: we shall see how that grips on the trail.

overall - i dig the frame. the geometry feels great. the bike is very "point-and-shoot." the back end felt like it was tracking well in bumpy sections and showed no signs of flex when turning. my azonic evo II felt too twitchy for me (which is why it was sold and this was bought). my norco 5 hun is a great frame, but the seat tube was a bit short for long rides where i found myself standing and hammering the whole trail (my knees hated it). the norco was great on the way back down. this frame feels even better. i have only had one dirt ride with it and a few urban rides, but i am very happy. it looks like the 2006 line will have better parts choices. doesn't matter, i am one happy :monkey:


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Jun 17, 2005
i got the lower model chimp. appeared to be the same frame just cheaper parts spec. mos def a burly tough bike for the price. it was first bike in about 8 yrs or so. Been good to me for the last few months but im goin full susser now. Selling just the frame cheap if you know someone who might want to build it up


May 14, 2003
fiddy_ryder said:
:evi: just give me a holler


I am Mandown's buddy and tried out the Bakuto a bit this weekend and loved it. I live in Brentwood and would be happy to drive over to you and pick up the frame. Is it the 17"? Would you include the reducer headset? PM me with price etc. Thanks.