Is Dirt dead in a hooker's trunk?


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Jun 1, 2004
Transylvania 90210
haven't seen much of his blowhole spewing on the lounge as of late. could he actually be riding his bike, or should we contact the local authorities and send out a search party (the kind with drinks and hats; it is the party he'd want)?


Business is good, thanks for asking
Jun 4, 2006
I have no idea where I am
My guess is he finally crashed after a week long meth bender and passed out comatose on the floor. His two small but vicious dogs, unable to rouse the tattooed esquire resorted to eating his fat bloated corpse.


<b>WAY</b> Dumber than N8 (to the power of ten alm
Feb 21, 2008
I, like herpes, will resurface from time to time. Just been a crazy couple of weeks here in Dirt land.

Dog tried to die, ended up costing me many of the thousands of dollars. Been trying to ride, work, get to San Diego to surf, to Tahoe to board, and somewhere in there I've been trying to sleep again.

Who am I kidding. Dick got caught in a jacuzzi nozzle. Had to wait to starve my love cannon down to its original 5" before I could get it out again. Its been a week, my lower half looks like a cross between a prune, Estelle Getty and a Ken Doll, and I am deeply fiending for a Slim Jim.