Is Snowshoe still dry?

Thinking about coming out one last weekend this weekend (if there's any rooms left "pet friendly" rooms left). There's a "chance" of thunderstorms tomorrow, which usually means a small typhoon will roll through. Is it super, dusty dry so it'll all soak up, or is it going to be a typical mess on Saturday? Personally...I'd ride, but I ain't schleppin' out there with the missus, and the dogs if it's soup.

Can someone post Friday evening what it looks like? Purty please.

I replaced my Ojiki (Fed Ex...DAMN YOU!) with a Faith, and I wanna get it up to SS. Got the wife an '05 Stinky D as well. Spoiled little **** ;)


Certified Lift Whore
Sep 16, 2001
Richmond VA
I have been up there 4 out of the last 5 weekends and would have to say it would have to rain a lot to mess things up. It rained a little last friday night and when we went out every thing was wet but as soon as we got inthe woods on the trails it was bone dry. I know this doesnt tell you much for this weekend just saying as dry as it has been the ground will soak up a lot before it gets nasty.



Turbo Monkey
Jun 8, 2005
it rained here this evening for about an hour at the most. since the mountain has been so dry lately i'm sure it soaked most of the moisture up already,but it should be PRISTINE to ride Sat. and Sun.

for a reference, before tonight it hadn't rained since the weekend of the National.


Old Bastard Mike
Feb 26, 2003
Richmond, VA
That good you got some rain. It rained about 5am last saturday and the trails were perfectly tacked down. By late afternoon Sunday they were getting blown out and full of dust. A little rain can only help.