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Oct 18, 2002
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Apparently he hates Muffin Tops... :p

Wanted: completely perfect legs

BUDAPEST (Reuters) - The mayor of one Budapest district wants female City Hall staff to wear miniskirts only if they have "completely perfect legs" and the skirts are no shorter than 2-3 centimeters (about 1 inch) above the knee.

Gabor Mitynan, a conservative who runs the wealthy 12th district, also wants male employees to wear blazers in summer, and told the Website (www.index.hu) the dress code was needed because he had seen staff dressed like beggars or vacationers.

Mitynan also dislikes crop tops -- popular in Budapest -- saying "few women have well-trained bellies worth showing to people" and wants the city to legislate on stocking thickness, proposing 5-10 denier for summer, 15 for spring and autumn and 20 for winter.

Mitynan is a rarity in Budapest's 23 mostly liberal and socialist districts, so his proposals stand almost no chance of being passed by the city assembly. Liberal Budapest Mayor Gabor Demszky described the proposals as "crass," according to the state news agency MTI.

Berlin mayor criticised for welcoming S&M festival

BERLIN (Reuters) - Berlin's mayor Klaus Wowereit on Tuesday fended off criticism for giving an official welcome to a sado-masochism festival expected to draw thousands of leather-clad visitors to the German capital this weekend.

"The first weekend in September stands for the pure zest for life," Wowereit wrote in a message of greeting in the official programme of the Folsom-Europe Street Festival. "A warm welcome to Berlin!"

Members of the conservative opposition Christian Democrats (CDU), and even political leaders from within Wowereit's own Social Democrat party (SPD), said Wowereit's public endorsement of the leather and fetish festival showed poor taste.

They also questioned whether it was appropriate for the mayor of Germany's largest city, who became a nationally known figure when he outed himself in 2001, to support the festival.

But Wowereit dismissed his critics as "narrow-minded". He said Berlin was a tolerant city and open to the world.

"No question about it, it is a glitzy scene but that is also part of Berlin," Wowereit told Bild newspaper. "And as long as they do not do anything illegal, I expect people to be tolerant.

"A greeting message is good advertising for Berlin, especially for international visitors," added Wowereit, who is a regular visitor to Berlin's gay and lesbian Christopher Street Day parade. "We want them to come to Berlin. But anyone who has a problem with it doesn't have to go to the (S&M) event."