iXS and Wheels4Life Team Up at Eurobike


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Jun 26, 2009
Helping others to help themselves: Wheels4Life​
Generous donation to «Wheels4Life» Charity​

As the world’s biggest bicycle tradeshow, the Eurobike is a highlight on the calendar for iXS Sports Division as well. Lots of visitors were attracted by the signing sessions with iXS athletes, and the fundraiser for Hans Rey’s «Wheels4Life» charity brought up a considerable amount of cash.

When iXS Sports Division treated trade show visitors to a signing session, things got crowded in hall B3. No wonder as living mountain bike legends such as Hans Rey, Richie Schley, René Wildhaber, Andi Wittmann and Darren Berrecloth patiently took care of their fans’ wishes and signed one poster after the other. The whole year iXS did sell baseball caps, and the revenue of iXS’s limited edition «Wheels-4Life» caps went to Hans Rey’s charity. During last season this share summed up to 10’000 US-Dollars. On Twitter, Hans Rey gave iXS huge props for this effort.

Apart from its booth in hall 3, iXS also held its flag high within the open-air exhibition ground of the Messe Friedrichshafen, being the title sponsor of the «iXS Downhill Cup» series. After the trade show officially had closed its doors on Friday evening, iXS Sports Division treated visitors to a nice barbeque party with Cuba Libre, Red Bull and beers. People were attracted in huge numbers, and more than 200 pounds of spare ribs were handed out. And again a lot of stars showed up: Hans Rey was small talking with the likes of Brett Tippie, Dave Watson and Darren Berrecloth, René Wildhaber was there as well and Marzocchi’s Bomber girl provided some trade show glamour. People were talking in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, and lots of old memories were being refreshed.

All the food and the drinks were for free that evening, but on the bar there was a box to collect money for «Wheels4Life». After all, banners from this charity had been visible in the finish area of all races of the «iXS Downhill Cup» in 2011, and the limited edition baseball caps had been sold at the venues as well. That way, apart from the share of the cap sales another 655.50 Euros were collected until Friday evening, and Hans Rey received a cheque over this amount at the iXS booth. Thanks to that amount, another bunch of people in developing countries get a bicycle and thus a chance to build an existence of their own.

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