Jesus, my 7th grade teachers were right! I'll be an ass forever!


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Feb 21, 2008
If you were an ass in middle school, you're SOL forever!

So it turns out that science has found a way to prove that being a conformist back in the day would have lead to people like me being happier and more adjusted people when we get older.

"This research suggests that adolescent conduct problems are indicative of more serious problems in creating and maintaining positive social relationships, and this has a long-term effect on the young adult's ability to maintain good mental health, stable employment, and a happy family life," said Ian Colman, assistant professor at the University of Alberta's School of Public Health and lead author of the study.
Just because I am the guy they are talking about in this article, I have to take offense to this. Chances are most folk who went to medical school were those who conformed, and while I too appreciate studies that justify an entire life lived among the heard, this just seems like conformity science.

More than 1,000 adolescents in this study who had moderate, but not severe, conduct problems were more likely to leave school early or be involved in teenage pregnancy, and later in life had increased likelihood of divorce, alcohol abuse, and overall life adversity, he said. These people would probably not get a diagnosis of conduct disorder according to modern criteria, he said.
What would Denis Leary say about this? Turns out we can now justify why people are assholes I would go so far as to guess.

I'm going to go flip off a priest now.


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Feb 12, 2003
i failed 7th grade (n va public schools), then repeated it in fl (putnam co public schools) where i got straight A's

yeah, florida's that dumb