JohnBryanPeters Aviation Facts:


Darth Bailer
Jul 20, 2001
The French Rouge Trader used the same techniques employed by JonBryanPeters when he purchased New Amsterdam from Native Americans for a chest full of Wampum.


Mar 31, 2006
The only reason JBP has not been knighted yet is that nobody is brave enough to hold a sword that close to his head.


the teste
Nov 22, 2002
John Brian Peters has not shared any John Brian Peters facts becasue we can not handle the truth about John Brian Peters.


Why don't you have a seat over there?
Jan 27, 2005
The last person that referred to JBP as "Johnny" was made into a port-a-potty. Thus the "Johnny on the Spot" business was born.


Old Bastard Mike
Feb 26, 2003
Richmond, VA
The Irish wrote a song about him but change his name to Sylvester out of fear of reprisal...

Have you heard about the big strong man?
He lived in a caravan.
Have you heard about the Jeffrey Johnson fight?
Oh, Lord what a hell of a fight.
You can take all of the heavyweights you’ve got.
We’ve got a lad that can beat the whole lot.
He used to ring bells in the belfry,
Now he’s gonna fight Jack Demspey.

That was my brother Sylvest’ (What’s he got?)
A row of forty medals on his chest (big chest!)
He killed fifty bad men in the west; he knows no rest.
Think of a man, hells’ fire, don’t push, just shove,
Plenty of room for you and me.
He’s got an arm like a leg (a ladies’ leg!)
And a punch that would sink a battleship (big ship!)
It takes all of the Army and the Navy to put the wind up Sylvest’.

Now, he thought he’d take a trip to Italy.
He thought that he’d go by sea.
He dove off the harbor in New York,
And swam like a great big shark.
He saw the Lusitania in distress.
He put the Lusitania on his chest.
He drank all of the water in the sea,
And he walked all the way to Italy.

He thought he take a trip to old Japan.
They turned out a big brass band.
You can take all of the instruments you’ve got,
We got a lad that can play the whole lot.
And the old church bells will ring (Hells bells!)
The old church choir will sing (Hells fire!)
They all turned out to say farewell to my big brother Sylvest’.


The Real Dr. Science
Jul 12, 2004
Sleepy Hollar
The mustache is actually a single hair of death, all coiled up....can be used as a garrotte...
Scientists have been waiting for JBP to die so that they may harvest his mustache hair to build an elevator into space.

They will be waiting a very long time.


Cranky Pants
Nov 10, 2004
Nicolai Tesla experimented with wireless transmission of electrical energy - at the same time, JBP's moustache was discovered to absorb any transmitted energy. The electrical power could then be discharged as a military lightening weapon. This is how Tesla helped JBP defeat the Nazis, with his fearsome electro-Gauss-capacitor-stache-death-ray-in-a-B52.


Tool Time!
Feb 17, 2002
Nowhere Man!
JBP taught Geddy Lee to sing.... Little known JBP factoid: He played bass for Tito Jackson offstage during complicated dance numbers and he sang backup for Sheryl Crow. His mustache seems to dance within earshot of the Grateful Dead Music playing. JBP finds it annoying because he doesn't even like the Dead.