Juicy levers on Formula calipers


Jan 22, 2007
Has anyone tried it yet? I like the levers of the Avids but want to try out some of the new Formula "The One" calipers. They both use DOT fluid so shouldn't be too hard to match up.


Jan 23, 2007
Central Jersey
The issue you may run into is how much fluid the avid lever pushes compared to how much fluid the formula pushes. They may work but they may not. All avid levers displace the same amout of fluid based on a lever pull so the avid calipers and levers are all interchangeable. I guess in theory it could work but it also may not.


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Jun 20, 2005
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not only are you worried about fluid displacement, but the avid leavers probly wont bolt up to the leaver housings. ohh and with the new one leavers it looks like the travel adjuster is somehow hooked to the leaver blade itself so if that is the case then the avid leavers will not work due to the fact that you will need that leaver adjust for the brakes to work properly.


Jul 9, 2004
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the ends on the housings can be changed so that is really an non-issue.

You may still have a volume problem. I'm sure if you hunt around the net long enough one should be able to find the displacement for each break.

best of luck.


Mar 28, 2007
Not only the issues mentioned but also not all mount bike brakes brakes work on the same principles. Unlike cars and motorbikes where they all tend to use a totally free caliper with them being set purely by disc deflection. Then they use a open fluid dam with a master cylinder that goes closed when depressed and then released opens again so the disc deflection to the caliper will freely return fluid to the dam. Now for example the Avids do not have a totally free floating caliper piston. This is why there self adjustment can be so poor at times and you have to reset them or even force them to close more then they want to. The stock leavers are set to work with this sort of system. Unlike the hope system that works just like a motor bike. I don’t know that much about the Formula "The One" brakes. But I do know Formula to make motorbike brakes so its possible there made along those lines. That not to say they will not work. Its just it could be a problem. You may end up with the brakes pumping up so they start dragging or just backing them self off all the time. Really the only way to see is to try I guess. But I think your bigger problem is fluid displacement as already mentioned.
I was thinking of running Hayes Stoker lever blades on Hope Lever bodies with Code fittings, Goodridge housing, XTR pistons, Code Calipers, Formula bolts, and Juicy pads...any compatability issues forseen?

Dude, just pick a brakeset and run them...I understand wanting the Juicy Ultimate levers and Code calipers thing, but if you like the lever feel of something run it or buy some aftermarket levers for your formulas


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Mar 14, 2005
Look in the recent "lightest brakes" thread. Surely the thread starter saw this thread before asking the question?

Anyway I had the same idea (as you'll read in there) and am quite confident it will work fine. I believe formula actually made avid's brakes once upon a time, or there was some connection anyway as they use the same bleed fittings etc. The hose fittings at the caliper are shaped pretty much identically from what I can see, right down to the bleed fitting. Trick is to use the avid lever and hose, and just the caliper from formula (as obviously formula hoses use banjos at lever end = not compatible).

The thread lists the piston diameters and from those you can work out the hydraulic leverage ratios.

Using an oro caliper will produce results closer to that of a genuine avid caliper, however it'd be interesting to try a one caliper because the hydraulic leverage goes up a fair bit which should = more power. It might be at the expense of lever throw, guess that's where the gamble is. I'm sure if there's this much interest our kind jvnixon here will try it out and let us know, as it's a 10min job if you actually have the stuff handy.

PS - all that aside, I'm not sure if you can actually buy the one/oro calipers seperately and how much they cost (might be heaps!) - probably worth checking that out as well. Anyone know?


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Aug 24, 2004
Dude, just pick a brakeset and run them...I understand wanting the Juicy Ultimate levers and Code calipers thing, but if you like the lever feel of something run it or buy some aftermarket levers for your formulas
Why the hell aren't Avid selling these? -

Jul 31, 2006
If you find the 5/7 lever pushing too much fluid. Try a juicy 3. It may be the ticket. I dont know the numbers but they push and hold less fluid than the rest.