July/Aug. West coast tour

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    I have a 2 week trip planned to ride the west with one other buddy. I have family in CO and friends in WA. The trip will be a mix of dh and trail riding. I will be shipping out both my GT Fury and Stumpjumper 29. I plan on spending a week in CO riding mostly dh and then heading up to WA, riding in OR on the way up. I plan to ride mostly all pmountain stuff on the second week.

    Any advice would be great. Right now this is my tentative plan.

    7/25 flight will put me into Denver at noon.
    7/26-7/27 dh at snowmass, my aunt works there and will be staying with her for a few days.
    7/29-8/1 ride a mix of dh and all moutain. From what I have been told crested butte and winter park have the best bike parks in CO.
    8/2-8/6 drive to Oregon and ride for the first half of the week. The only spot so far that I have been told is a must ride is oak ridge.
    8/7 rent KTM's at this place
    8/8-8/10 I will be staying with a friend in Seattle and he will be showing us the trails there.

    So my real question is what spots are must rides in CO and OR?
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    May 25, 2006
    The ribbon in grand junction would be foolish to drive by and not ride. It's pretty epic. Also aspen->cb is pretty far out of the way

    right on the way to Oregon from Colorado is park city, where a day at deer valley to ride fireswamp, theives, Devo and ncs plus 3hrs to ride armstromg/pinecone/crest/connector/canyons down... would be awesome.
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