just getting into trials... need some help


Aug 25, 2005
i currently have an 05 p2 which i use for dirt jumping and trail riding. but lately ive been trying some trials moves. Ive trying to perfect the j-hop (or american bunny hop) and over the past few weeks i have gotten to the point where it is starting to be smooth and i can do it consistantly about a foot and half high. I seem to have reached a plateau though and cant get it any higher. I tryed just riding faster but that just made the move more clumsy and before i go waste another 4 hours trying to shift my weight around in weird ways im just gonna ask you how to get more height. Any experiences or tips are greatly apreciated.


Jul 27, 2003
Tacoma, Wa
when you preload for the hop, make sure you sink back and down, then explode forward and up. Practice practice practice. Watch a pro doing one in slow motion, and if you can, video tape yourself and judge the differences.


Oct 19, 2001
Austin TX
Try bunny hopping up obstacles higher than your take off. For example 3 or 4 steps. If you case it you might get hurt so maybe try a dirt mound or go to the bmx track and try bunny hoping up onto table tops first. Once you have the technique down take it back to flat ground. You'll be busting out 3 foot bunny hops in no time.