Keystone or Trestle?

Dec 3, 2009
My buddies and I are in Colorado for 2 days. We're not sure if we should ride Keystone one day and Trestle the other, or spend both days at one mountain.

Any suggestions?

doc gravity

Oct 25, 2004
highlands ranch, CO
My buddies and I are in Colorado for 2 days. We're not sure if we should ride Keystone one day and Trestle the other, or spend both days at one mountain.

Any suggestions?
Different experience
Keystone, blown out, not as buffed, great big mountain riding
Trestle, better maintained, more of a designed trail system.

If it was me, start at trestle, if you love it come back, if you want to do something different head to Keystone for day 2. Have fun


Turbo Monkey
Feb 25, 2004
Go to both and let us know what you like better. Us locals seem to be divided depending on what we like to do. You can make the argument for either.

Why not Sol Vista and Winter Park? They are a lot closer (like 30 min) than Key and WP. Lots less driving.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 18, 2007
in the dirt
Sol Vista blew both of those places out of the water IMO as far as the caliber of trail design and construction. I thought Trestle was boring and keystone was average. Trestle is not that challenging and keystone just hasn't made that good of use of their space and terrain. Could be 10x better. Sol Vista is a small mountain, but you can tell the guys there really know how to ride bikes. Everything from the beginner trails to the hard stuff is awesome. At trestle you'll be pedalling to make it down the blue and green runs at a fun pace.

DH Dad

Jun 12, 2002
I rode at WP, Keystone and Copper last summer and enjoyed all 3. Being from the Northeast WP seemed more like Highland but a little more beaten up, like Highland is at the end of the season with all the braking bumps and chatter on the man made trails. Copper was fun and cheap, not a lot of trails but I really enjoyed them. Keystone is a big mountain with some long runs and some more "traditional" DH terrain that I'm used to from the Northeast. I'd have to say I enjoyed Keystone the most as it had by far the longest runs, only places I've ridden longer runs is Whistler up Garbanzo. Would have liked to try Sol Vista but didn't have time for another stop plus my son was at Woodward in Copper. Thing that impressed me most about WP was there fleet of DH rentals/demos, some of the highest end demos I've ever seen, no need to pack a bike if you're heading there.


May 24, 2009
Real DH - Keystone

Casual flowy trails - Trestle
That about covers it.

WP's rainmaker trail descends 1000+ ft and has a TON of jumps in the 20-30' range. No Quarter, Be All and Cruel and Unusual are also fun flowy trails. Keystone has much more "real" dh that's technically challenging like High Speed Dirt, Jam Rock, Helter, Evenflow and more. Keystone's jumps are not built as well as Wp's and usually carry more potential for injury if anything goes wrong.

I think what you like depends on your skill level and terrain preference, WP is going to seem a little boring for a really good rider after a day or 2 and is devoid of decent steeps/tech. Sol Vista is the place to go if you want bigger jumps and drops but has no challenging tech, go to Keystone for tech. You really can't get all of it on one mountain, it's kinda strange...


Green with Envy
Sep 21, 2009
Denver, CO
Below is some onboard video from yesterday at Trestle, if you want a rider's view. Search & Seizure, the first trail in the video, is a fun flowy single black trail, and Bear Arms is typically used for DH race runs- it's flat and rough.