KHS 650b DH bike


Turbo Monkey
Mar 22, 2004
vancouver eastside
makes sense methinks. just needs some proper rubber.

alas, i pity the lbs's that will now have to juggle 3x the tire & rim sku's than in the olden days.


Apr 27, 2005
Auckland New Zealand
And you'd think they'd at least chop the chain and brake lines to the proper length before a photo shoot.

I am always completely unsurprised at how many companies allow photos of their new bikes set up in crappo way. Happens more often than not IMO. Forks with uncut steerers, 90mm stems on 'AM' bikes, sloppy chains and cabling as you comment. 'Marketing' hacks in charge of the shoot who dont ride me thinks.

95% of the shop mechanics in the world would present you your new bike like this too. Drives me nuts. Flame on.


Pig my fish!
Staff member
May 23, 2002
Interesting. I wonder if this will somehow allow them around the DWlink patent. I doubt it.

I'm in the process of building up a 650b. After a year on a niner, I just don't think it'll work for long travel. The geometry gets too messed up and there are too many compromises. I think they work great for XC hardtails but I think it loses something in the translation to FS trailbikes. 650 offers up a lot fewer compromises and allows you to essentially keep the same geo.