KHS rear shock


Turbo Monkey
Nov 28, 2005
Spreckels, CA
oh man...

You haven't told us things like what model KHS do you own? What length shock is on it now?

If your shock is shorter than a 8.75, I wouldn't go bigger as that can make your suspension do funny things. The only time I've really seen people change shock sizes is from longer to shorter (ie 9 to 8.75 with the same stroke length) to get a more slack head angle.

If you're trying to put a longer shock on to get more travel, it will probably make the bike handle poorly.

jonny dh

Oct 26, 2007
under my feet
it's the KHS DHSO model with a Romic 7.25 rear shock on it, the one i am considering putting on is a Manitou 8.75. I'm wondering if i should drill a hole to mount the new shock and where would be the best place.