Kiddie Bike!


Turbo Monkey
Oct 8, 2002
Portland, OR
I've never seen a bike with a front brake only. Except Sideway's bike, but he's wierd that way. When I was little most kid's dads took their front brakes off, something about you could forget which brake is which and go over the bars.

Your kid looks pretty stoked to be riding. It almost reminds me of that silly grin I get when I fix something that's been broken, what'd he do crack his last frame dropping a curb?

the webbster

Jun 9, 2003
Trondheim, Norway
ok, I'll say it: I appologise if I've offended anyone. that certainly wasn't my intentions. If the 'powers that be' want to change it or delete this thread that's fine with me. the title was meant as a joke but the contents have a definite meaning.

It's all about that silly grin. I've got a few pics of me back in the day jumping my 16"er off an upside-down tobogan (the old wooden ones that curled up at the front - they made good bike jumps) and I've got that same grin. In fact I'm sure I still wear it these days under my full-face.

and yes (thanks jørgen - nothing better to do on a nice friday afternoon in Trondheim?) it has coaster brakes. they make two versions, one with a freewheel and one with the good ol' pedal-backs. his little fingers barely reach the levers so I didn't think we were ready for the freewheeler yet. I didn't think about taking off the front brake. he wouldn't be all that stoked I don't think (it's all in the details for a 5 yearold).

Sometimes it's good, in the midst of all the 'anodized this' and 'titanium that' to remember about that silly smile and why we ride!!