King Kong


Mar 17, 2002
So I saw King Kong this week. I'm not going to get into a heavy review of the thing, but I will say that it was enjoyable. I wasn't blown away, so I guess that means I thought it was "ok".

Don't be put off by the 3 hour run time, it doesn't feel long. I will say however, that a good chunk of that time could have been cut down without any detriment to the story.

The first act, meeting Ann, getting on the ship etc. Was awesome. I really liked it. Nothing was rushed, the film took it's time to set everything up.

Second act, Skull Island. A lot of stuff going on. I think a lot of the island's "spectacles" could have been cut down. T Rex fight was cool, but got boring after a while. Really creepy bug scene, that went on too long.

Third act, back in NYC was ok. I did like the moment Ann and Kong had after his initial stampede out of the theater, and before he scales the Empire State Building.

The final showdown atop the Empire State Building was pretty cool.

Jack Black, was all right. Adrian Brody had nothing to do. His role was really weak actually, which was surprising.

They did a good job with Kong, his expressions and the way they gave him life. Some effects shots were pretty bad. But overall it was impressive.

It's a fun movie. Check it out.