Kingdom Trails, Burke VT ... really nice (lots of pictures)


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Oct 12, 2001
Several weeks ago ZoRo and I headed to the Kingdom Trails after hearing rave reviews. We didn't know quite what to expect, but were looking forward to finding out what all the buzz was about.

For those not familiar with KT, it's a network of trails in Northern Vermont. Part of the trail network is lift-accessed over on Burke Mountain - these are primarily gravity type trails, the other part is more xc-oriented, with some gravity type stuff thrown in here & there. Over all though, an excellently organized, maintained and marked network of trails.

We started the morning at burke mountain (burke bike park) and were the first up the lift. The intermediate jump trail "Jester" had apparently just been finished and was really in prime condition. Thing huge berms, jumps (if you want to), lots of speed (if you want to), but rideable by all. One of the other main trails there is Knightslayer - a more dh-type jump trail. This trail has more speed, bigger gaps and jumps with steep lips. The lift only runs to mid-mountain (which is roughly 1000ft vertical up and where the two aforementioned trails start) but a 10min hike above the lift drop-off leads you to Lower J-bar. A techy singletrack trail. It was pretty soggy and wet the morning we rode it, but still pretty fun... it would rip in the dry.

After many runs in the morning on Burke mountain, we rode over to Darlington Hill and hit the XC trails, pump track, etc. The trails were fast, flowy and well marked. Sidewinder is really fun - I wish it were about 10x as long! I'll keep it short, but here are a bunch of pictures from the trip... all in the afternoon when. More pics and ride report down below.

(click images for bigger pics)

The rather extensive pump track.

Sidewinder is an incredibly fun trail. I only wish it was longer!

Heading back to Burke Mountain on Darlington Hill Rd.

Brilliant views

Burke Mountain.

We returned to East Burke Vermont for the final day of the season at the Burke Mountain / Kingdom Trails. The XC trails were saturated so we stayed at the bike park which stayed good and dry.

Jester from the lift

Pushing up the hill to access Dead Moose Alley. The trail ended up being fully saturated and made for some very slow going.

This toad came to say hello on the hike-a-bike heading for Dead Moose Alley.

Bike wash after soggy xc trails.

Zoro - mid-way down Jester.

Jester, rideable by all

Me getting into the action...

This guy w/ a UNH shirt was ripping on his board.


The bumblebee - she was ripping!

Beer and pizza down by the river.

and then back home.

Looking forward to returning next season!
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Sep 8, 2009
Nice pics, wish we had you around during Monkeyfest to take pics. It seems that almost nobody took pics although we have tons of video from various GoPro cameras. Hopefully some of the vids will get posted in the Fall Monkeyfest Ride Report sometime soon.


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Jun 8, 2007
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Nice pics! Thanks for sharing. KT is so awesome! I'd like to take every member of my local mtb club up there so they can get a taste of those trails, and then build stuff more like that here at home.