Kitsuma Saturday morning


Aug 30, 2005
bumpin baby heads in pisgah
im going to bent creek prolly.... kitsuma kicks my arse for the first part of the trail + the hikers on it, and the long ghey climb on pavement.......
gonna take rice pinnacle to north boundry to IFG to wolfs branch to back to rice pinnacle.....

OR do the lower side hill loop...


Delicate CUSTOM flower
Dec 11, 2001
Over your shoulder whispering
slick said:
Hey guys. Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to tackle Kitsuma Sayurday morning. Let me know.
just rode it Wednesday night. Some evening ride scheduled out of Epic Cycles was there. I jumped on my bike and redlined it out of the parking lot and got ahead of everybody so I didn't have to fight the mass of stumblers. Got almost to the top and got picked off by 1 guy I know who's a fitness monster. He stopped at the top and I just went right over and hit the downside first to avoid a train wreck. Never saw anyone again after that.
That trail is destroyed right now. Todd Brammer (Branum?) took 230 people down it in the mud last month for his Assault on Mt Mitchell and now it is teeth rattling the entire way down the mountain.

My back actually spasmed around midway from it. WTF? He should have to fix it!!! :mumble: :mumble: :mumble: