Knolly Grassroots Sponsorship Program 2013


Oct 20, 2010
Canfield Brothers has a grassroots program as well. You can mail resumes to sponsorship@canfieldbrothers.com for consideration.

From Chris Canfield on 7/17/2009
"Canfield Brothers is announcing the launch of a grassroots sponsorship program! We are looking for athletes and teams who feel they can represent Canfield Brothers Bikes in a positive way at races, events, and w/in communities."


Do not worry about looped account, just send direct email to sponsorship@canfieldbrothers.com.


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Aug 25, 2003
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Well shlt, I'm gettin in on this too.

Kidwoo has a grassroots sponsorship program as well.

Selected applicants will receive:

-whatever outdated shlt I have sitting in my garage that I don't want but can convince you to buy at a "discount".

-Race support consisting of at minimum one 'atta boy' text message before races, but does not exclude potential heckling messages if rumor gets around that you do that gay canadian kickout thing to stir up dirt at the camera

-A 'kit' consisting of a pair of jeans that don't show off your religion in your crotch, and a "RAD" the movie t-shirt because you need to know your history son

-A five hour documentary on what a 'scrub' actually is, how it relates to forward momentum, accompanied by explanations of why you turning your handlebars while poking your wrists forward is not that

-A case of session black lager that might just have one full one left in it if you're lucky

-The complete adoration of millions of females who I dared to be nice to you in public before you get your braces off

Please send all resumes to the following LINK
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Feb 9, 2005
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Haha, I was thinking about writing something similar. Yours turned out way better than anything I would have farted out. I'm updating my resume right away.

Rep to you sir!