Kovarik Racing Clinic/Coaching


Apr 3, 2008
I did a race clinic with Chris and Claire at the Western Open; it was awesome to ride and learn from them. I shaved 9 seconds of my time from last year on a course that was is way worse shape. They explained how to prepare for your race run, pick lines on the track, suspension and bike set-up. This is only my second year of doing more than one race so it really helped me to know what to do and what to look for on the course.

If any of you guys have the opportunity to do a race clinic or get coached by them don't hesitate. They're really nice and have tons to offer someone who is new to racing or who wants to improve there riding. Plus you get to watch Chris smash a trail and Claire finesse a trail faster than I could ever think of going.

Hopefully I can get to Whistler next month to do some skills coaching with them.


Dec 14, 2011
Bellingham, Wa
I was up on the garbonzo race course sunday morning, I think on duffman or whatever, was just taking a break next to a rock drop into a tight left hander and chris just comes flying off the rock puts a foot out and drifts the corner with the bike all laid over and was instantly gone. He definitely smashes trail. just figured I'd throw that in since no has responded.