La Costa needs your help


Aug 27, 2002
San Diego
This is a post from MTBR by the new SDMBA board member Richard AKA Taffy15

I need the help of a thousand eyes. We have turned the corner with the land manager at La Costa. He has allowed a DH run to exist where no other place in San Diego would ever even consider. He has allowed us to make a re-route of a miserable rutted all fallline double-triple track. He has sanctioned more single track to the hill to the south which is the begining of a connector trail to Elfin Forest.He is going to let us do another re-route of double track." Meanwhile back at the ranch".... problem #1 some knucklehead is blasting out his own illegal trail coming off the DH. And problem #2 I am pretty sure it is a hiker (because I saw zero signs of riding or a bike shoe in the fresh dirt) that is tearing out all the vertical deadfall on the old trail we rehabed last trail day. Thank god whomever didn't tear out the new sage we planted but the deadfall was all pulled out. Probably so they could continue hiking the old line. I put some of the deadfall back last night. But I am sure this person whose rights are greater than yours or mine will continue to pull it out so they can exercise their right to go where they please. They also tore off the managers sign asking to stay off the area being rehabbed. So with the help of a thousand eyes lets squash these activties so we can stay on course with this land manager and continue to make our local ride more fun all the time.
Thanks Taffy15