Lake Perris Trail Ridin


Apr 1, 2005
Hiya guys, I'm back : D, and I bring news of rides upon rides...
Last saturday I decided on just going for a trip around lake perris for the first time..., It was fun, I didn't get onto any dirt trails there Yet...., then the day after I was in the foothills by my house on a derelict motoX track with my mountain bike and my brother snapping some pix..., then today I went out to ride lake perris again, but this time I hit the dirt trails, and let me tell you, it was FUN :D, there were some spots of bad terrain "sandy uphills, sandy in a lot of places, i hate sand..." but the rest of it was off the hook..., but I had to cut it short because I was alone, out of water, and on a two hour limit..., so I rode home "which made the entire ride about 20 miles" and slept for about 3 hours..., now im thinking, how would a ride of about 10 to 15 people sound to burn off those calories your going to get "or have already gotten if your reading this on thursday or friday" on saturday, November 26th? If your willing to go then just go to the last parking area of lake perris or just ride the paved trail until you see just one or a group of mountain bikers just sorta sitting there..., gathering will start around 8:00 a.m. and will start on the trail about 8:30a.m............. So what do you guys think of my idea?, and if you need a phone number then just message me on AIM or Yahoo at xhcrockstarjt its the same for both..., so peace out, and just hit me up for more info