late night drives home suck


Jan 24, 2008
So I'm cruisin down highway 30 on my way back to school last night, and I come across a vehicle parked on the side of the road around 11 pm. Nothing to weird right? Well i see a vehicle in the ditch, so i decide to pull over and see what is goin on. I get out and see this vehicle that rolled a good 3-5 times. I begin to think someone has to be dead the way this sh** looks. So i get out and a person who stopped was on the phone with 911, needless to say were in BFE so its gonna take forever to get help here. Well the girl had a broken ankle and the guy had a broken collar bone. So about 5 minutes goes by, a sherriff shoes up, another 5, a volunteer fire fighter, another 5 and the ambulance shows. So they start doin their thing with the guy and girl and end up needing a few extra hands, so i decided to help. I can say i was excited about being a cop til seeing what i saw last night, and knowing it can be so much worse. Anywho it made for a very eye opening drive back, and Im glad everyone is gonna be alright..


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Jan 17, 2006
da Burgh
good for you (stopping and helping that is) it is important to remember the good you do, and the lives you impact in a job like that! Don't let that deter you!

I watched a ped get launched one night on my way to school (the night before mid-terms) and was the one to call 911 and had to give a statement etc.

I called the police dept. about an hour later to see if I actually saw all of that happen... I was clearly in shock over it!:disgust1:

good luck man! and good for you for stopping!


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Mar 28, 2004
I could never Be an EMT or anything of the sort.

I was driving up to downieville and and escalade that had passed me earlier had flipped about ten times. There was three in the car, two eldrs and a kid. on of the elders knees was super torn up (See: cap ripped off) and the little girl had her arm straight up ripped off. I had no cell service so I gave them my first aid kit that I had and split for the nearest payphone. It seems that acadain had been there a bit before me and he had called the medics. That pretty much ruined my whole month because that was such a ****ed up sight. I don't see how they do it. (EMTs)

skinny mike

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Jan 24, 2005
I don't see how they do it. (EMTs)
i think they just get used to seeing brutal stuff like that. my sister just recently became certified as an emt and said that you have to see so many disturbing pictures of car crashes and other accidents that after a while they don't seem to bother you too much anymore.


Jan 24, 2008
Crazy. Glad they made it out ok. Did you find out how it happened from them?
Well the first people to stop said they were crusing on them pretty fast so i'm willing to say ~80-85 mph, the girl said the vehicle started to fish tail/swerve and they started flipping. I saw one of the wheels about 50 yds from the car, so i want to say she may have had a wheel come off seeing as they were just put on here recently. Not for sure, super glad they're ok, and i definitely was set straight on driving safe cus it can happen whenever...


Jun 13, 2006
You DO get used to it... Usually the only thing that will still mess you up, is seeing kids get hurt.
Also, most jurisdictions have counseling available after really disturbing incidents. I've never been to one of the sessions, but it is supposed to really help.


Oct 17, 2002
i think they just get used to seeing brutal stuff like that.
I have several friends that used to be paramedics... drug abuse is horrible.

I doubt I'll stop again... last time I did, I held a guy's hand to comfort him... he had a compound fractured leg. He wanted to get up to check on his kids, but just couldn't. I sat there lying to him about how his kids will be fine knowing that when I ran over to the kids, they were as good as dead cuz they were drowning in their own blood. They were literally pushed into the earth from the car rolling over them... they flew out the front windshield during the roll and then the roof smushed them into the ground.

I'm done.


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Sep 8, 2006
Central Florida
the girl said the vehicle started to fish tail/swerve and they started flipping.
People buy these giant suv's and drive them like sports cars. They roll sooo easy.

I can look at some gory stuff, but dead kids just fsck me up. Like Opies story above, they flew out of the vehicle, i.e. no seatbelts. It wasn't their fault, no one made them wear them. Sad...