Launch of Cycle Taiwan


Nov 28, 2007

This is a heads up to anyone interested in the bicycle industry in Taiwan (the place where 90% of all the bikes and gear is made), or is interested in riding in Taiwan and meeting fellow riders.

We have just launched the first and only English language website and forums that cover the bicycle industry and riding in Taiwan. We are also reviewing and showcasing products form lesser known gear manufacturers.

There was a forum before (FFTA), but it got vandalzied by spam bots. I have made the www.cycletaiwan.com forum a bit more robust security wise, thus it should stay one step ahead.

Anyhow, visit Cycle Taiwan and check it out.

The many expats working in the bicycle industry here may also benefit from joining. We can take you on the rides when you are here and show you some of the very nice trails and road rides that are so plentiful in Taiwan.

Click on this link to see the website features: Registered users features

I hope to see you online soon!

PS: I also hope that this post is not against Ridemonkey.com policies. I'd like to think that Cycle Taiwan is offering something where before there was nothing.