Left Hand Drive freewheel geared hub ?

Oct 14, 2016
I'm working on something for which I need a left hand drive freewheel hub with gears. It's like for a trike with gears: the left wheel needs the drive chain on the left hand side and should have the freewheel operate in opposite direction. Basically a fully mirrored 3 speed freewheel hub.

Sturmey Archer have the S3X 3 speed fixie hub. For the left wheel I could just flip the hub. But the S3X doesn't have a freewheel. I could possibly combine it with a left hand drive cassette freewheel. Does anybody know where I could get one? Would flipping the hub mean that the wheel unscrews itself?

Or: does anybody know of a way to turn a RHD gear hub into a LHD gear hub?


Dec 6, 2017
I have this exact same question. It's been a year since your original post, did you come up with a way to combine a freewheel with the S3X fixie? Or did you find any other way to turn a RHD gear hub into a LHD gear hub? Thanks!!