Les Gets World Cup or showing them Americans on how to gather a sizable crowd


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Oct 20, 2005
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Vive la Hux Francais! Bruce's mage huck was insane!

Damn, while I am big TH fan, I would much, much prefer she beat Rach straight up in the overall. Seems like there's been a buncha elite talent injuries this year for both DH and Endureau. If they would just start wearing my rubber bracelets (What Would Jackalope Do? Go Slow!), this might not be happening.
Same, but, in a world where Miranda Miller has rainbow stripes on her jersey, and Hannah does not, even after she threw down the run she did in Cairns at World Champs, if this somehow gets her a set of stripes, I'm not mad about it. To her credit, Hannah has said a number of times that winning heads up against Rachael is her goal, not just winning. She knows who's boss in the women's field.

The injuries in the women's field this year are a bummer for sure, they finally had a serious field with a full podium of contenders and now 3/4 of the front runners are seriously injured. On the up side, this season has given us Nina "SPD socks" Hoffman on the podium a bunch, and that's rad!


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Aug 24, 2004
That's venti AF...but I really wouldn't consider that jump "landing to flat", but do we know if thats the one that got her? EDIT - I may be misreading her statement, as she says "flat jump" which may mean its not a lipped jump.
Pretty sure its the roadgap to flat landing that Cathro said would ruin ankles. Sucks for Rach - an achilles is a horrible injury. Hopefully not the last we see of her in WCs. 39 is an uneven number to leave with.


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Jul 29, 2008
There's some serious mach-chicken going on.

Checking the timed training results and clearly the ugly Polygon has taken over from the Yeti in the speed trap results, both Tracey and Mick are fastest, 59kph and 65kph.


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Aug 18, 2005
That RAW is nuts. Gee's course preview POV does zero to convey the amount of ass getting hauled by those boys and girls. Can't wait to watch the race!


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Oct 12, 2001
Was the only way Yeti was going to be near a racing headline back then. Winning the speed trap. Seemed to do it regularly.


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Jun 9, 2003
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I knew a guy who snapped an Achilles, was in a full lower leg/foot cast and then soft cast for 1 year. He converted all his work pants to 1 short, 1 long leg.

Right after he got the cast off he snapped it again stepping off a sidewalk...


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Feb 5, 2006
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isn't there some sort of special kind of bike-cycle that people always say is great for those who have been injured and magically allows them to shred the gnurz again. what was it called?...a-bike? no, that's not it...z-bike? nah. b-bike? nope. DANG if only i could remember i could tell rach and i bet she would be back on pace in no-time!
na, that‘s only for old washed up scots


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Jul 29, 2008
Stupid UCI website...

Looks like Tracey is fastet qually in the ladies, then Caribou, Salazar. Hoffman 25 seconds back so presume crash.


Men is Pierron, Bruni, Brosnan, Hart, Vergier.
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Aug 27, 2002
Wonder what points overall Val Holl would have in elite seeing as her times seem to consistently place her 3rd in elite quali and finals? I reckon points wise she'd be running pretty close second overall just now.

the way Elite Women's injuries are playing out this year she'd have a pretty good shot at the title


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May 29, 2011
Looks like Mitch Ropelato, Wyn Masters, Marcelo Guteirrez, Jackson Frew and Henry Fitzgerald all failed to qualify. Oops...


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Sep 16, 2008
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Daprela would have qualied 10th in elite... that's pretty amazing.

edited to add: enduro-ists not doing too bad: Masters in 17th and Gauvin in p42 (right ahead of Gee)
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Sep 16, 2008
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is he still under Nico's tutelage?
Not sure. But isn't Nico associated with Lapierre, while Daprela is with Commençal?

edited to add: yeah, there's some internet chatter about Vouilloz mentoring Daprela, but the chatter seemed to end when he went to Commençal... My guess is he's probably not as involved, but Vouilloz and Max (Commençal) go back a long way too... so not inconceivable that he's still around.

edited again: https://www.1001sentiers.fr/interview-10-questions-a-thibaut-daprela/ he says he's been riding with Vouilloz since he was a little kid, and that he learned a lot from him, beyond just riding bikes.
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Sep 16, 2008
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Wasn't there a video of the Santa Cruz mechanics applying a bread of glue with a caulking gun to a run one point? That might help I imagine...


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Jan 9, 2004
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Sacre bleu! It's almost time to pour bike shooters down Ma'Earth's voluptuous mounds of stone and dirt, this time in the luscious lumps known as the French Alps (which thankfully are not all jiggly like everything in California). Its been a helluva season so far, so lets figure out whose going to be in the Champagne Room tomorrow when its all over.

* "Les Gets" translated to English means "Legits"

* Pierron, Bruni, Vergier and other Frenchies will have a decided advantage over their fellow competitors, as they will be allowed to use secret "French Connections", which are lines under the tape to help straighten turns out. They will be assisted in using the French Connections by local "course marshals" who will discreetly raise the tape as their riders approach the designated areas. Le Gamesmanship indeed...

* The first lift in Les Gets was installed in 1938, and it was said that JBP was one of the first people to use it, as he refused to take a steam powered bike to the top.

* The track looks mint, but the Achilles heel is that fucking road gap to basically flat. Le harsh

* Les Gets has an area of the ski resort for children only, called Le Grande Cry...I'm serious, Le Grande Cry...Apparently I have a sister facility here at my house.

* I sincerely hope Warner breaks out the famous "stay on yer bike" for Nina Hoffman tomorrow...that chica is a straight up bad ass.

* Ben Cathro = Jesus (with a funny hat)

Well, that's more than enough hard data to spit out the podium spots for tomorrow, so lets get on with it:

1.) Ed "By Fucking God" Masters - sorry Frenchies, the original master of French lines can't be beat right now...crazy eyes and excessive ear hair is so hot right now. After (accidently) slamming a bottle of RichieRhyno Supa Juice, he discards his jersey altogether and paints his torso like a French flag, Eddie fools the would-be "Course Agents" into thinking he's of theirs and smokes through all the aforementioned French Connections to claim the top spot. After accomplishing the unprecedented feat of winning an Endureu race and a WC DH race within the same week, Jesus himself appears and lifts him into the sky and makes him into a constellation in the shape of a van.

2.) Peter Sellers - Another apparition from yesteryear makes a grand entrance, this time as Inspector Clouseau, riding a "munnkee", which was originally seen in the Return of the Pink Panther movie. Using his best French accent, ol'Pete also fools the Course Agents into opening up the French Connections and makes short work of the Legits track. Viva La Rose Panthère!

3.) Megan Rapinoe - You know who likes beating the Frenchies on their home turf? Yeah, our very own purple headed warrior of FIFA renown, who literally kicked the shit out all of her opponents in the recent foot sport contest. And with the UCI gender barrier clearly removed, it makes it facile for Rapinoe to climb inside one of those giant inflatable soccer balls and make all haste to the finish line. Basically like this, but the bull is painted red for marketing purposes -

4.) @buckoW - yeah, if we're in the French alps, then its easy striking distance for the Morzine Man. Rocking the new Scottch Gambler, Buck smashes the Legits with towering rage, as apparently someone stole his baguette...That someone happens to be Wyn Masters who happened to make a microphone out of it and god knows what else...Buck's anger also blinds him to fact that the headtube sticker on his bike is all kinds of fucked up.

5.) This Wealthy Bear -

I mean seriously, this is the new honey badger, and he/she don't give a shit. So our billionaire bear decides to take a quick trip to France, as its widely known their trash is to absolutely die for, and while milling about fancy french dumpsters, our furry hero decided to try his/her paw at DH rally biking. But instead of a bike, this fur baby mounts up Jeffery Epstein and digs in the spurs (i.e. claws) to make Jeff pin it to the bottom, where he comes up lame. And yeah, just like the horses at Santa Anita, Jeff had to be put down (albeit not in the most humane way since the bear actually consumed him ass first). Sorry, not sorry.

La Femmes:

1.) The Marine!
2.) Trace - backing off just a smidge since shes basically got the overall wrapped
3.) Nina, with or without shoes
4.) Nice Italian lady
5.) Rachel's bike


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Jul 31, 2007
So am I reading the results right? Vali Holl would have placed 1st in the elite womens!

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