Let's put some ideas together!


Feb 26, 2011
I just thought that we should think of some things that are really lacking in the sport. What are some clothing items that really need to be improved or added to our sport?
There aren't many companies that make the products so sometimes there is not very much of a variety. I have found myself buying things like winter gloves that i don't like but they're all that's available.
Maybe we can spark some new things
awgh.... i wear a pro-tec classic helmet most of the time, excluding for dh.... here is the thing, i have long hair. when i put it in a pony there is no place for said pony. thus for comfort hair must be worn down and that is hot and less natural for me. while i love to ride must i chop off my hair? they make softball helmets with a pony slot, snowboarding/ ski ones with a pony slot.... but cycling wise only road style helmets(are made specifically for us girls) i know there are not a ton of us riding dh, dj 4x and such but really?
and yes winter gloves suck... i wear the non-winter type and at times my knuckles lose all feeling from the cold but it beats the big awkward non-fitting winter ones.