Dec 17, 2010
Why would it be spam? It's a link to my website about travel and mtb, the link providing a view on politics and world news. I thought it might provide a perspective on what we are hearing on the news. Look around the site...there's plenty of trip reports on mtb rides. I'll add that I've been published in national and international media of various genres of print.



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Nov 10, 2005
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mods have been banning people for doing what you did. it's fine if you wanna link to your blog, but discuss your thoughts views here as well. don't just post up a link and call it a day.


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Sep 6, 2001
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This is a borderline post/thread. I will not delete it, but other mods might.

2 points of view here... From JK's and Moff's perspective, you only have 3 posts, this and a short resp in the Beer thread. You post up a link to a personal site and didn't offer much additional content in this thread.

From your perspecive (I hope)... You are a biker and joined almost two months ago (Dec 17th, 2010). You probably were not intending 2 months ago to wait a bit and then only post up a link to your own thread so this isn't blatent spam. BUT... I would hope that you have more bike related conent to offer this community. Yes, there are a lot of off-topic threads here, but most folks will poost at least a bit of biking related material.

So... I am not editing/deleting your post BUT please also show JK and Moff how wrong he was about you and your lack of bike content for this site.


Dec 17, 2010
I've gone back and read the FAQ. It might behoove you to add to the FAQ what is posted a few replies up regarding the criteria for what is permissable on your forum as a new forum member. Over the years, I've participated in forums related to mtb, travel, backpacking, politics, etc., and this is the first time I've encountered anything like this. Certainly, posts that are belligerent or just plain disrespectful of other people should not be tolerated, nor should spammers that seek to cause ill-will on you or your machine.

No disrespect, truly, but you may want to take pause and ask yourselves as administrators how democratic this forum is??? If that's not the intention, then apologies to you.



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Jun 13, 2002
Hey Jim - really, the issue is that we get a whole lot of members who sign up with the sole intention of driving traffic to their site. All of their posts are links to their blog/site, they never contribute, they never participate.

That's not the intention of this site. It's a community and people should participate. Unfortunately, it also means that your post which was made with good intentions, looks like one of these guys that does nothing but spam their site.

So... Don't take it personally. If you want to avoid the situation in the future, just make sure you post more than a link. Bare links or links with only a sentence to describe them look like spam. Some thoughts and then, "...I've written more here: <link>" looks like someone who's participating.

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Feb 11, 2002
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I'm stuck trying to work out if he writes about vaginas or uses his vagina to write. Hope it's number 2 as that'd be impressive. I can barely get a ping pong ball to go two feet out of mine.