Lifestyle Biking

Mar 2, 2014
Hi guys, this is Nesli. I'm a lifestyle biker. I bike to feel life more, to meditate, to commute and explore the city of New York, plus encountering new friends and different things along the road.

I just started a video series on YouTube, and a website that comes along with it. I'd appreciate if you could share your ideas / feedback with me. Check out my website, http://girlonthebike.com.

My main passion is around teaching myself life-body-brain hacks - How to make ideas happen, how to control the brain and body to be the person you want to be, and have the life you want. Now, the videos are ehhmm, not really related to topic, I just wanted to see how it'll look.

I'm the only one now, and I would love your constructive feedback!

Stay passionate,
Girl on the Bike
@girlonthebikeny (Twitter)