Light weight BMX for a light weight small trick rider.


Mar 28, 2007
I am a old old school BMX rider who has slowly been getting back in to riding. I love just messing about doing small street, small dirt jumps and a fair bit of flat land when all the big trick riders are just standing there looking at the insanely big jumps they have made but not willing to ride.

Anyhow getting back to the point I am just looking for a bit of advice on what parts to get. I was thinking of getting a titanium frame but there not really available so I was thinking just a regular steel eastern grim reaper frame and eastern ti bars. But I dont know if there anygood? I was looking at the KHS freecoaster hub but dont know. I would also like to run front and rear brakes.

So really i know f all about these and need a little help.


Cru Jones

Turbo Monkey
Sep 2, 2006
Hell Track
How light weight of a rider are you? I would steer clear of a ti frame, they tend to be flexy. You can build up an extremely light bmx with little to no ti parts these days. Mine is sitting at 23 lbs right now with a ti spindle being the only ti part on it. And there are lots of others that are even lighter. The Grim Reaper is a good frame, it's super light and should hold up unless you're really rough on parts.

If you're really concerned about weight, just browse around Danscomp, they have all the weights listed (although, they're not always right). If you just pick your parts wisely and don't throw on anything unordinarily heavy, your build should end up pretty light.

Don't know much about the freecoasters, but a lot of people run them. The engagement isn't as quick as a normal hub, so that takes some getting used to.