Loco may suck at the internet...

Austin Bike

Turbo Monkey
Jan 26, 2003
Duh, Austin
Got a new camera. Does 3-4 shots per second in burst mode for about 10 seconds+. Definitely some great action shots now. Just need to wait until it is cooler. I used my old canon yesterday at city park and it was soaked with sweat.


Delicate CUSTOM flower
Dec 11, 2001
Over your shoulder whispering
but he is a pretty darn good mechanic. :thumb:

Today's ride was most excellent and nary a shifting problem. :weee:
Took the wife on a ride yesterday and 2 chics had a bike upside head scratching. I tried to ignore it and get out. Wife forced me to offer a hand. Decked out carbon Specialized Epic.

Her problem you ask? She was in the 11 tooth and granny. :doh: