Long travel trail fork

Jul 1, 2005
Pasadena, CA
i am currently building an ih yakuza frame as a long travel trail bike. i have ordered a dhx5 coil for the rear giving me 7" of travel. i'm trying to decide now on a fork. i have been leaning towards the 66 for a little while now. since the swap from the 888 lowers, the 66 is looking nicer. i'm still looking around for a good fork for my application. i live in cali, where the freeriding is almost nonexistant. i climb occasionally and do quite a bit of single track. i've also been looking at the sherman breakout and fox 36. is there any other fork i should look at? i'm looking for 6-7" of travel.


Jul 26, 2005
if theres not much FR up near you I would go fox 36. There light, plush, have 6 inches of travel.

As you can tell i love mine


Turbo Monkey
Aug 13, 2005
dud i say wate until the travis that thing loos sick 6-8 inches sing crown pick one it has everytihng, or the new 66 rc2x light wieght addition or not if you don't plan on going up hills then the 66 rc2x would be fine