Looking for a 135 mm SS Hub


Turbo Monkey
Sep 2, 2004
McMinnville, OR
Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?

Looking for a hub with the following specs:

1. Single speed flange spacing (in other words a hub specifically made for SS)
2. Price around $100
3. bolt on
4. 135 mm width
5. disc compatible
6. driver or cog compatible to handle 16t cog.

Nashbar used to have a great hub that met all of these. It was the same as a woodman hub. I used to have one, but I got rid of it with a bunch of "extra stuff that I'd never need again..."

Fucking Google-sneak-spy-ware is telling me that I want to order one of these on ebay. Thoughts?



Jan 9, 2016
Maybe a bit too late. Back in spring I was looking for a cheap but durable SS hub and I got myself this:

After 6 months of medium-hard street riding it is still perfect. The only con is the sound, it is very loud. Now that the pawls have worn a little it is getting a bit better, but still way too loud for my taste.