Looking for a ride or passengers to go out to MAMMOTH for Nationals


Sep 2, 2005
I'm in Boulder and need to find a ride or a couple of passengers to get to Nationals in Mammoth. I'm racing XC on the 17th, but wouldn't mind getting up there earlier. I figure that a number of you will be heading up there to race or spectate.

With gas prices as high as they are and the length of the drive, it makes sense to share the load and travel with others. I'm a nice guy, very flexible and can figure out my own accomodations. I can bring beer and gas money with me as well....see, you are already planning to go up, this just allows you to go for a bit cheaper and meet another local racer.

So If any of you are planning to go already and have room and would like to share the costs let me know. OR if there are a couple of people that would like to go but do not have a ride yet let me know also as I might be able to swing getting a van.

Rock on. :thumb:


Dec 21, 2004
Colorado Springs
I am intrestred in contriubuting gas mone but one issue: I am 16 and have no license I do have my permit so I am legal to drive with anyone over 21 and I am a good driver (200 hours logeed even moe non logged) also I have two bikes one being a big dh bike so I do not know if your vehicle can carry that. Let me know on your thoughts about the situation and I will ask my folks what they think.