looking for a t shirt

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Turbo Monkey
Sep 23, 2001
Boise, Idaho
saw some kid wearing this when i was in new york a few months ago and thought it was hilarious but could not find it anywhere. it is a white t shirt with a print of a baby in a baby carrier on it. anyone seen it or know where to get one?


Part of the unwashed, middle-American horde
Jul 26, 2006
are you talking about the one with the kid's head stuck in the leg opening of the stroller?


Yoshinoya Destroyer
Jan 20, 2007
Hills of Paradise
no sh!t i wholeheartedly agree. if you want to be a douche that bad, go to any PacSun and pick out a close imitation. there are about a trillion of them out there at the moment.
Carefull... if you continue to knock the beauty of that shirt, ukJason might come out and call you a knob head. trust me you don't want that.... it'll hurt your feelings.