looking for freeriders in bethesda area

Nov 13, 2005
bethesda, md
Just moved here from Lake Tahoe, CA. Motivated to ride. Have car and will drive. Any takers? I have heard about Gambril and Watershed but don't know where to go for the goods. I can ride on tuesday or wednesday's.


Turbo Monkey
Sep 1, 2004
bethesda north shore rickety ghetto style \m/

this forum has been relatively slow lately, but often folks travel up north to frederick, md and take advantage of the paltry elevation for some gravity assisted riding. keep an eye out for a ride on the board or just head up some weekend, be friendly to the right people and they might show ya around :D welcome!

edit: do a search on 'the shed' or 'watershed' for all the info and general directions you need