Magura Gustav??


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Mar 1, 2002
Phoenix, Az USA
i got to test them out alittle bit at the US Open. i didnt know you could get more sheer power than the Mags - but the gustavs Own3d the Mags. there is a lighter brake fluid for the maguras that give the lever a more squishy, modulation feeling - then they have a heavier fluid that offers a sheer power, on-off feeling (what i like). the brake pads look to be double the size of the hayes.

they dont have a front adapter for the DH40 yet so im just saving my money. there is a like new set on ebay right now. i thought about bidding but probably wont.

id get the Gustavs, especially if you are a heavy rider and/or like brakes with raw stopping power. my idea of modulation is DONT SQUEEZE THE LEVER AS HARD. i want brakes with freekin balls and power to spare.
thats the gustav M
Jan 24, 2004
Get the Gustavs. I'm 230 and ride whistler and the NW stuff and they will bring your riding up a notch. My buddy just bought the Juicy's. He likes'em. I ride with the 8 in front and 6" in the back, and it's more than enough power! The modulation is nothing to take lightly in a brake. When your tiptoeing down some sketchy stuff, that's when they truly shine. Get the Gustav's.


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Mar 8, 2003
West Seattle, WA
I'm running them too and I love them. I was running hayes and switched to Gustav's and there's a huge difference. You get lots of power and modulation too. The biggest complaint I've heard of the Gustav's are that they almost have too much power.


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Aug 13, 2005
hey they are both great brakes but i heard that the juicy 7 are a lot easyer to work on


Feb 25, 2004
There both pretty easy to work on and both way easier to bleed than hayes.


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Sep 7, 2001
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I have a set of each, and wrote a review on the Gustav's for Dropmachine. Avid review is coming, but heres the lowdown.

Avids are awesome, but they don't have the same power as the gustav's. The lever feel of the Avids is about 4 million times better then the Gustav's.

Each brake feels much different. THe Avids are very precise, you know exactly where the pads are at all times. YOu can feel them hit the rotors, and you can work with them easier like that. The Gustav's are like moto brakes, they feel a big vague but you know where the power is and know theres a ton more if you need it.

There is a big difference in weight between the two brakes, keep that in mind. The Gustavs are heavier then the avids, but personally that didn't bug me much.


Sep 26, 2004
Santa Cruz Mountains
thats for the input.
im a really light rider, im 5'11" and weigh 125 pounds. i want a break with good modulation. i was also looking and the Magura Louise. right now i have one el comino and a ****ty ass hayes comp rear break.

i would perfer lighter breaks, thats why im also considering the Louise. sorry i should have given more info to start with