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Jun 26, 2009
magura lead.jpg
Magura's new 29er fork will fill a niche that is rapidly growing, providing more options for the discerning big wheeled cyclist. Check out Vernon Felton's first impressions on the fork for an idea of what it's made for.

By Vernon Felton
Courtesy of Bike Magazine

Some days just don’t play out the way you plan them. Take today for instance…. Today, I was going to slap Magura’s new 29er fork onto my bike, give it a test run on a solid four-hour ride and call it all good before heading out for a week of riding in Sun Valley, Idaho. Today, however, was also the day that I discovered that I’d cracked the headtube on my bike, which is why you’re looking at a picture of a fork that’s distinctly unattached to a bike.

Bummer, eh? I really liked that frame.

Ah well, at least I can give you a glimpse of the fork before I head off into the garage and slap it on a different bike.

To read Vernon's full review on the new fork, read the full post on Bikemag.



Turbo Monkey
Sep 7, 2001
Your face.
I can probably give you the full review based on the few Magura forks I've ridden.

Excellent small bump performance, slightly linear spring. They use travel adjust systems base on other manufacturers which sucked on the original forks, and sucked just as much here. The air spring doesn't get any stiffer when you add air, just gets harder at the bottom of the stroke. Then, about....30-40 hours in, the seals will blow up and the fork will fail. After getting it fixed, the fork will blow up again at about 10 hours, assuming it comes back right at all. Then it will blow up a 3rd time, which is right about when you sell it and buy Fox/ XFusion/ Rockshox.



used an iron once
Jan 20, 2009
My 07 Wotan is the most reliable fork I have ever owned, the fork was a bit linear so I threw a bit of oil in the ar spring and it was sweet. Seals lasted . two years including a year and a half of racing DH. I know it's OT but I had to add something positive after the above post, not sure about the gresed bushes in the new forks but I guess the review will reveal the weaknesses.