$mallpox day$


free wieners
Sharpening knives, smoker is ready, 4 breasts and 2 hams getting loaded shortly, crab dip in the fridge, starting the crock pot of lil smokies, wine fridge stocked, rolls are prepped in the oven, stuffing is in the hopper, eggs are boiling for the deviled eggs. I think I am dialed.

Better start the day with a cocktail just to make sure.


Compensating for something
Jan 4, 2013
In hell. Welcome!
Happy random Wednesday

Happy Thanksgiving, Muricanz! I am grateful for having found a few good friends in this unholy group of heathens.
Bread goes in the oven shortly, then a day on rail trails with le wifey, then maybe some dinner and maybe even a few drinks with my good friend and his family tonight.

Can't believe it's my #19 already. :panic:


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Jul 29, 2008
Layer of ice with a little snow on top out on our roads, neighbour slid their car off the road above our house last night. It was on three wheels part way down the bank when he called me to come take a look and see if I could pull it back on the road with our truck. A little further and it would have rolled down the bank and through our bedroom wall.

I gave a big nope and told him to call a tow company. I've watched a lot of Matt's Off-Road Recovery, but I'm not about to get it wrong and wipe out the side of my house :p

It's supposed to warm up a bunch, so trying to decide where might be the best riding option to avoid possible ice.


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Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
Happy Thanksgiving Monkeys!

It's not supposed to rain on me while I work the smoker, so that's a win. I'll start cooking around 10, should be good.


The Official Meat of Ridemonkey
Sep 10, 2001
Portland, OR
So the breast will be done almost 2 hours early which fucks up the timing, so oh well. We will eat shit as it cooks.

eric strt6

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Sep 8, 2001
directly above the center of the earth
So my nephew was having tightness in his chest and trouble breathing. He's down in San Diego so he goes to the ER. They find a mass near his heart do scan and admit him into the hospital. a few days ago they did a biopsy. the docs advised him to remain in the hospital until they figure out what it is and what can be done. His mom and my wife are clamoring that Timmie needs to get out of the hospital and come home to be with his family for thanksgiving. I told them to back off. Tim is 21, he lives down in San Diego with his girlfriend, he is a College Senior who scored over 800 on his LSAT. He is an adult quite capable of making his own health decisions. Stop calling him Timmie and treating him like he is a 12 year old.

I completely understand why he moved 500 miles away