Man, Was that FUN!!!!!

My old(recently sold) Clifcat frame w/its low seating, was good for getting "SPEEDING TICKETS". Downtown, there is this hill(street), that is about 5 blocks long. It starts out at top about a 45 degree angle, then goes to a 30 degree. When I had a computer on the Clifcat(properly calibrated of'course), I went down it in a sqaut/tucked-in(crotch-rocket) position(for least wind resistance), and at the bottom, the max speed read: 54.7MPH!!! The hill is limmited to 20MPH, and the intersection at bottom has a trafic light! Near the bottom, My heart skipped a beat when I had the breaks on hard for the red light, and my front wheel went over a man-hole cover. The front wheel locked and skidded a bit before rectaining traction! When I heard that skid, I thought I was going over the bars for sure(at 20MPH w/a car 50 feet behind me)!:dead:
Man was that FUN!!!:rolleyes:


Jan 15, 2005
at my own freeride trail
merrrrjig said:
Thats pretty hardcore, u should post it on pinkbike and like 100 canadian kids would wanna be a hero to u
Yes but if you post it there you'll need to convert your speed to pinkbike mph....units of measurement are usually exaggerated there by 140%.....so you were actually going "r34lly f4st!"

That's a cool story. Glad ya didn't get hurt or busted!
spacemanspiff06 said:
wait, you got pulled on a mtb going 35 and got community service?
Yes, the cops in ITHACA NY, are total A$$E$, and they will bust someone on anything they can, and yet they will do anything to keep Ithaca out of the newspapers. Like one time there was a fight, and a guy got stabbed, and the knife was said to be lost, but yet it laid right there in the street for two days, untill someone called the mayer and complained, and they finally came and collected the evidence...

Now are those some real JERKS or what?