Manitou Dorado Decals ? (Red)


Apr 27, 2012
Hey Guys sorry if this has been posted in the past but im after a set or red manitou dorado forks for a retro build im currently doing, I managed to get hold of a pair of dorados but there the ones with the Blue decals which were standard on the Giant DH Team back in the day.

I tried contacting manitou and this was there response:

Unfortunately we don't have any of those decals left nor do we have the artwork. Those forks were made by the old Manitou before they went out of business. We have none of the old vector art for old decals. Lost in the sands of time I am afraid.

So im what im think is how do some companies like slikgraphics in the Uk have boxxer and fox decals and a few other brands did they get the artwork somehow ? or have the scanned the stickers from some brands and just made a vector in indesign so they can print them or is what i mentioned about scanning and reprinting them an option ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.