Jul 2, 2002
ok im not really a new person towards mtn bikeing but i just have never really gotten the concept for a decent maual down. i was able to do it liek a pro on my old bmx but i just cant seem to do it om my hardtail. any sugestions, videos i should watch anythgn to help.


Aug 2, 2002
south of boston
ive been practicig lately and i found its alittle easier if you start by riding a wheelie, find the spot where you are comfy and then just stop pedaling and rid it out, after a while you should just be able to pull up and manual knowing where the"sweetspot" is! dont be afraid to use your brakes either if you start leaning to far back


Feb 16, 2002
Bellingham, WA
It depends on the geometry of your bike, your height, and the ground. You just have to experiment on how high you have to pull up to get 'centered.' Also, if the ground is bumpy, it's going to make it really hard for you. When i was first learning how to manaul, i practiced on the flatest/smoothest runway. The time span of getting the manual down may be months to years. Also, don't try to manual going slow at first, speed will help.

Once you get the manual down, try to manual going slow, on bumpy roads, with different elevations, and once you get comfortable enough, try to turn while manualing. If you can do this all at once manualing, then you are a manualing god:)

edit: many of the advanced riders can't manual so don't feel bad if you can't:)