Marla Streb's Costa Rica Park


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Aug 22, 2001
Bend, Oregon
I did a search and didn't see this posted already, sorry if it was. How sweet of an idea is this though?

From cyclingnews: The four-hundred or so competitors in last week's La Ruta de los Conquistadores weren't the only top-level mountain bikers in Costa Rica. Former U.S. National Champion and self-proclaimed downhill goddess Marla Streb was spotted at the La Ruta sidelines. She was in Cost a Rica to scout locations for a planned mountain-bike vacation park.

"We got the idea last year while I was racing La Ruta," Streb said by email Tuesday afternoon. "It's so beautiful and there's something special about riding through the jungle with all the exotic animals and plants. There are plenty of dirt (mud) roads to ride. Unlike hiking, you can really get into the deep forest on a bike."

Streb says she and husband Marc Fitzgerald are planning to turn a parcel of forest and turn it into a mountain-bike destination. "Instead of a touring company, that takes the riders from point to point, we plan a lodge and private trail system in a hub and spoke format. We'll have private singletrack with some north shore style stunts in the rainforest. From the lodge location, there (will be) miles and miles of challenging dirt (& mud) roads and ocean views and easy beach access. The 4X4's get stuck all the time. It will be all-inclusive pricing that will include new model year high end full suspension XC bikes and pro mechanic support. Jungle night rides. Healthy and organic food, as well as the other kind ...fried. Daily laundry, bike wash, and body massage. Horses, surf and boogie boards, etc. I'll also conduct skills clinics and lead some rides but we want it to be self-directed; you can ride all day, or sleep on the beach all day. Accommodations will be in private jungle cabins, solar powered, as green as possible. Boutique in scale accommodating up to 20 guests for 3 to 5-day visits."

Streb says the park would cater to tourists from "the North American and European market. The idea is that we'll be open for riding during the winter season when most places are closed back home. We'd like to attract riders of all types from beginner to serious. Women and couples too. Anyone interested in adventure travel and eco-touring."

Streb and Fitzgerald have been working on the business plan for some time and have both settled on the general area for the park and put together some personal financing. "After we conclude the purchase of the property, I'll consider taking on some limited partners to acquire more land but right now we're looking at forming a non-profit to operate the park. I've also spoken with IMBA and they're really interested in using our park as a model for trail building for the rest of Costa Rica's national park system. We're also building a web site for marketing and sales."

Besides the land and forests, the park would take advantage of Costa Rica's human resources as well. "Part of the plan is to employ the local population and help out the local economy by using the forest's natural resources in a sustainable and ecological way. The trails and will be built (by locals) under IMBA (and my) supervision."

Streb says she hopes to have the park open for the 2006 winter season. Stay tuned to Cyclingnews for more information as it becomes available.


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Aug 25, 2003
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Ciaran said:
Too bad she didn't decide to build it in the US.
Yeah, no sh!t. She's in retirement mode and wants to rest in the jungle I guess.

So from the sounds of it, this would be a little different than my normal costa rica trips.......living off of fruit and sleeping on th beach.

Why the boutique target? I keep trying to think of all the people I know who would enjoy a trip like this the most while having the most respect for the general idea of what she's trying to do and they're not rich. Sounds like ski town business mentality.......target the H2 crowd.:rolleyes:


Nov 14, 2002
Bay Area
This is an awesome idea. I always thought Cost Rica or Mexico would be ideal for a bike resort.

As for them not building in the U.S. There are many barriers to entry for this to fly here in the states. Primarily centered around liability issues and the fact that everyone is trying to sue everybody all the time. Not to mention the increase of all costs associted with developing a resort. Why do you think more ski resorts are not jumping onto the bikepark bandwagon? And finally, what's wrong with adding an exotic flavour to a bike park destination? People have a lot of options for things to do besides ride. I know we all think of riding all the time but if you had a prestine beach right by the resort then that just gives you that many more options of fun things enjoy.

I'm ready to plan a trip there next year. Can't wait!


Jul 16, 2002
Glitter Gulch
we looked in to buying a hotel/restaraunt in panama with the same idea in mind. who knows if we will ever get to do it but i've always wanted to cook, and live in the jungle 3 steps from the beach. ahhhh.